Finally Copped These | February Pickups

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    Yo ...


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    ——————————— Outfit ———————————
    Vintage T-Shirt (Sold Out) -
    Coiled Snake Ring -
    Goti Ring (Sold Out) -
    The Silver Stone Ring -
    The Great Frog Ring -

    So I felt like after my last video, I needed something strong to come back with - unfortunately however this was pre-recorded while I was in Germany and so I’m not addressing the video in this one … I’ll be sure to do so, perhaps not in a video but maybe over on IG live to clear up any confusion you guys may have.

    Anyway, moving on, we have a pickup video featuring some absolute fire and a pair of shoes that I’ve been wanting to get my hands on for well over two years and I’ve finally bit the bullet!

    As usual, I've left a links to my personal Grailed account where you might catch some steals as well as the items mentioned in the video! Now of course due to the nature of vintage clothing, especially in stores such as Blitz London, every item are just one offs so you won’t be able to find them online however take a look at other stores (the likes of ASOS Marketplace) for something similar in style!

    Grailed -

    Topman Beanie -

    Topman Navy & Burgundy Socks -

    Topman Lazy Socks -

    ASOS Marketplace -

    Acne Studios Knitted Jumper (Sold Out) -

    Dries Van Noten Derby Shoes -

    ——————————— Music ———————————
    IAMNOBODI - Patrice’s Joint

    I do not own any of the music in this video for copyright purposes.


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