Dries Van Noten Pickups (Three Shirts & One Jacket)

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    Yo ...


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    It's been a while since I last put up a pickup video and what better way to do so then a sales related one! As mentioned in the video, this is perhaps my 'quietest' sale shopping ever - I've genuinely only picked up four or five items during this sales period ....

    With that being said, I'm heading to Bicester tomorrow and who knows what kind of damage that's going to cause me.

    Anyway hope you guys enjoy the pickup, the shirts are too sick and that bomber jacket is to die for, I just wish it was in my size man! There's a high chance it'll end up going on Grailed, so if you want dibs - do be sure to email me at sris.sangiev@gmail.com - it's a size 52 which is XL.

    As usual I’ve attached the links to the items shown in the video down below, along with my Grailed account.

    Now of course, due to the nature of the items being in the sale - they'll most likely be sold out, so you'll have to find alternatives.

    Grailed - https://www.grailed.com/users/myitems/31474

    Dries Van Noten - https://www.mrporter.com/en-gb/mens/designers/dries_van_noten

    DVN (Lyst) - https://www.lyst.co.uk/dries-van-noten/

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